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Seth Failla

Visual Arts Department Leader & Ceramics Teacher

A born and bred New Yorker, Seth Failla is a contemporary artist and educator, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Mr. Failla received a B.A in Art Education and a M.A. in Studio Art from Adelphi University. Following graduation, he attained his K-12 Teacher Certification for Art Education in New York State. In 2006, Failla found his teaching home at The Williamsburg Charter High School, where he currently teaches and serves as the school’s Visual Arts Department Leader.

Failla has devoted his art and craft to ceramics. His production of functional and non-functional works of art have become his main focus after a torrid affair with painting. It is the process, not the product, which drives and motivates him to create and take part in the experience.

“Clay provides a direct connection between past and present, a direct lineage to
primitive man. When constructing with clay I am honored to experience earth, water, air, and fire working together- yet, without my mind and hands to guide these elements of nature, they would not convert to their definitive solid state. I am constantly vacillating between the roles artist into the alchemist.”

– Seth Failla