About The Program

The Theatre training at Williamsburg Charter High School centers on fostering students’ self-confidence and self-worth through the practice and application of theatre technique. Stiving to guide each student in discovering his or her unique and authentic voice, the department offers a diverse course of study providing students with a set of tools and methodologies to approach various genres, styles and theatrical experiences. The classes focus on using the Actor Toolbox (Body, Voice, & Imagination) as a catalyst for students to gain technical command, increase confidence and develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, and socially.

Ultimately, the theatre classroom and productions serve as a conduit for self-discovery. We offer the students a sacred space to play in, a set of tangible tools to play with, and encouragement to own their artistry, and the power of their self-expression.

The Cornerstone of the Theatre Classroom is to “Be Weird, Don’t Feel Weird. Be Silly, Don’t Feel Silly.” Our goal is to shepherd inquisitive, passionate, eager, tenacious, and generous artists and individuals who will embark on their academic careers with a solid technique, a nourished sense of identity and a love for unending discovery.

In the Fall of 2018 the students of WCHS’ theatre department established the Mission Statement and vision of the program.  These are the words and sentiments of the theatre students from WCHS.

wchs mission statement

William Shakespeare said,
“Some Are Born Great. Some Achieve Greatness, and Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon ‘Em”

As a member of The Williamsburg Charter High School Theatre Department we strive to:

  • create a space where we have the freedom to fail and where we don’t have to be afraid of who we are or who we want to be.
  • have “Serious Fun” and go above and beyond our wildest creative expectations.
  • welcome a diverse group of people who act like a family, love each other like a family, and will be there for each other like a family creating an ensemble that can accomplish anything.
  • harness the power of our bodies, our voices, our minds, and our hearts to develop unique voices and own our integral places in the world.
  • produce plays and musicals, comedies and dramas, classical and contemporary works telling stories that affect an audience in a personal and relevant way.
  • paint new portraits by bringing current perspectives to existing stories.
  • bring life to the playwrights’ words, recognizing that every line and every character is as important as the story itself.
  • create stories for people who don’t have a voice and inspire others to celebrate the power that their own voices can have.
  • honor the belief that the only limit is that of our own imaginations.

Williamsburg Charter High School Theatre Department.
We ARE greatness!