Music is one of the most powerful forms of human communication and culture creation. In our music classes, students will gain the tools needed to create their own personal and community soundtrack. Students will use and identify various STEAM elements in order to gain basic proficiency in audio production and music creation. Specific focuses will be in beat-making, songwriting, audio production, podcast, and promotion. WCHS has a professional recording studio, music production lab and live-music rehearsal space for students to learn to express themselves powerfully through music.

Beat Making I & II

An introduction to music creation using Logic X Pro software. Students create songs based on genre prompts and themes. Basic recording strategies are introduced.

Music Production I & II

A continuation of Beat Making, but with an emphasis on producing complete songs using vocal artists, live instrumentation and more complicated recording techniques.

Advanced Recording

Our most advanced music production class that incorporates specialized audio engineering techniques and production styles. Students do project-based work and collaborate with the school talent to create culture through music.

House Band

A band environment using drums, keyboards, guitars and other instrumentation. Students create music based on prompts, parameters, and genre. Specific focuses will be on Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, special school events, transitions, closings, and integration with outside performers/singers.