At Williamsburg Charter High School, we believe that in order for students to be academically successful, their social and emotional needs must be met. We are very proud to have a fully staffed and highly trained counseling department which includes a Director of College Guidance, four academic guidance counselors, two social workers, and a clinical counselor. All members of the counseling team work closely with teachers, students and parents to help guide students’ academic, behavioral and social growth. On a daily basis our social workers and clinical counselor identify problems, such as alcohol and substance abuse, family violence or problems and conflict between students. In response, they use a variety of counseling methods and conflict resolution skills to resolve these problems. The college guidance team which includes the Director of College Guidance and academic guidance counselors, help students find their appropriate educational path and help them stick to it. In doing so, they not only help students choose high school classes that prepare students for their post-graduation plans, but they also assist students in applying to colleges or trade schools by advising them on admission requirements, financial aid and scholarships.