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welcome class of 2023 students

Big dreams are for everyone. At Williamsburg Charter High School, we actively spend time dreaming so that we can turn our dreams into reality. Our job is to work with you to invest in yourself and effectuate your dreams. As co-creators of your future, we boldly accept the responsibility to help you dream big, work hard and aim high. 

Dare to Dream

Innovatively co-curating the education of your future, Williamsburg Charter High School and the students we serve are committed to fostering a love of education and academic excellence. We encourage you to dream without limit while we serve as the architects of your academic pursuits. Fueled by your inquiry and inspired by your inquisition, the staff at Williamsburg Charter High School will work hand in hand with you to empower you to transform your dreams into reality.

You will delve into liberal arts study that stretches your imagination, builds upon your curiosities and fosters your ambition. It is our hope that through your time spent with us, you begin to nurture your own resilience so that you begin to see struggle as a springboard for change rather than an insurmountable, immovable barrier to success. At ease beyond our walls, you will venture into the world fully equipped skills that allow you to continue to feed your intellect, nurture your passions, remain true to yourself, and create change in the world around you.

dream without limit

nurture your own resilience

architects of their academic pursuits

transform your dreams into reality

engage with the world

our dreamers

Some students dance their dreams. Some students sing their dreams. Some students perform their dreams. Some students mold their dreams. Some students have yet to discover their dreams. At Williamsburg Charter High School, we help transform your ideas into dreams and bring your dreams within reach. Come Dream with us.

sing your dreams

mold your dreams

perform YOUR dreams

discover your dreams

dance your dreams


We provide you with options to take your time and figure out where destiny is calling you. Try your hand at performing arts like dance, theatre or music recording. Or jump into our accelerated 9-week program to quickly learn about graphics arts like design, painting and 3D computer modelling! Create in community!

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