The mission of the Williamsburg Charter High School Science Department is to give every student the opportunity to gain background knowledge in both biological and physical sciences. This will allow them to gain a broad understanding of the world around them, excel in college level courses, and make informed decisions about societal and technological issues.

Each student is required to complete coursework in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics. Elective courses in Nutrition and Marine Science are also available for inclined pupils. All students who qualify to take AP Biology will be expected to perform extra rigorous work.

"The Phases Of The Moon"

Genaro Lopez, Matthius Babajew, Daishawn Kelly, Justin McNeilis, Cristofer Rodriguez, Kemuel Ford, and Mikel Ellis

Shout out to Ms. Portillo and her students! They focused on learning AND celebrated Valentine's day on Friday Feb. 13, 2015 by participating in the Chemical Bonding Dating Game. The students used metals and nonmetals to see if they would form a bond based on compatibility of their valence electrons. First, students filled in personality profiles for metals and nonmetals, which would be used to help determine compatibility. Then, they questioned their "date" to gather as much information they could about the element. Finally, they determined whether or not a bond could be made!

Living Environment classes dissected frogs during the last week of February, 2015, after learning about major organ systems. During the dissection process, students were expected to:

  • know and utilize correct dissection terminology
  • identify major organ systems and components